Regent Cinemas are proud to bring select Open Caption sessions to our cinema. Open captioning is a movie with subtitles visible on the screen. Open captions contain readable text on the movie screen that include descriptors of dialogue, sound effects and music for the hard of hearing. Even important details such as the set design and costumes that set the tone of a movie are shown as text on the screen. The soundtrack still plays along with the movie, regardless of a person's ability to hear it. These sessions are marked on our session time sheets with ‘OC.’

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Open Caption Sessions

Rated MA15+ (Strong comedic nudity and coarse language), 116 mins

Rated G (Very mild themes and coarse language), 109 mins

  • Wed 28 Jun

Rated PG (Mild themes and animated violence), 90 mins

  • Tue 27 Jun

Rated PG, 105 mins

  • Sun 25 Jun

Rated M (Supernatural themes and violence), 129 mins

Rated MA15+ (Strong crude sexual humour, coarse language and drug references), 101 mins

Rated M (Supernatural themes, violence and sustained threat), 111 mins

Rated M (Mature themes and violence), 141 mins


$11 : $11 Tickets   $8 TIX : $8 TIX   3D : 3D   A@K : Adults @ Kids Prices   BUB : Cry Baby Sessions   GC : Gold Glass   NFT : No Free Tickets   OCap : Open Captions - Subtitles   Sensor : Sensory Friendly Session   SOLD OUT : Sold Out