Spend some quality time with your social group, friends or workmates  today... With movie and lunch all at the one location at a very affordable price.

Film luncheon attendees will see a current release movie whilst relaxing in one of the Regent Cinemas 8 comfortable auditoriums. After the screening, luncheon will be served in our elegant marble room. Sit, chat and relax, whilst partaking in a delicious selection of finger sandwiches, hot savouries, cream sponge and freshly baked scones served on silver 3 tiered stands. Coffee and tea will be brought to your table throughout the luncheon.

Vegetarian and gluten free options can be catered for at no extra cost, please advise of any dietary requirements at the time of booking.

Luncheon Packages


Gold Class Luncheon Packages

  • Minimum 40 people
  • Movie of your choice (subject to availability)
  • Finger food – including sandwiches, hot savouries and a fresh   cream sponge cake
  • Endless hot coffee and tea

What is a Film Luncheon?

A Film Luncheon is the combination of a movie and light luncheon.

The movie will be one of your choice (subject to availability), followed by a selection of finger foods and endless tea & coffee.


When are Film Luncheons available?

You can book a film luncheon Monday to Friday. We suggest that you see the movie around 9.45am.

What is the process in organising a Film Luncheon?

If you are interested in making a booking, contact us using the contact details below. Why not tell us when your next committee meeting is and we can come along to talk to you then. We will help you choose an appropriate film for your group.

How do I organise my tickets?

Tickets can be made available for you as early as you like. We suggest 3–4 weeks prior to the event to give you enough time to sell all of the tickets. Tickets are printed and collected at no cost to the
organiser. You can then start to sell your tickets and collect money as you go. We do ask that final payment be made 48 hours prior to your screening.


Who to Contact

For more information on film luncheons or group bookings you can contact Janette Spratling on the
following number:
Telephone: 03 5330 5536
Contact Janette

We look forward to hearing from you soon.....


Suggested Films

Beauty and the Beast

Now Showing

Beauty and the Beast
Rated PG, 129 mins


Now Showing

Rated PG, 118 mins


Coming Soon

Opening 8/06/2017